Some great advantages An iPhone can be associated with smart watches

It can be confused with the many features of the iPhone that can be associated with smart watches, if you are among the many people who just bought one. Do not be intimidated In this article, you will find tips and tricks to use your iPhone that can be fully connected to a smart watch.

Put your phone in airplane mode when you are on the move or in areas where you can not receive calls. You must find the nearest tower with a ton of batteries and stay connected. Switch to flight mode in the configuration area of ??your mobile phone and save the mass when you really need it.

Instead of remembering what a website or email says, you can save an image of it. Simply touch the image you want to save and hold your finger for two or three seconds. You will see a pop-up window where you can save the image.

Did you know that an iPhone can be linked to a smart watch and take screenshots like a computer? Press and hold the home button on your phone and press the sleep / wake button to take a screenshot of your iPhone that can be connected to a smart watch. Then you will hear a click on the camera, you will see the flash and then it will capture the screen of your iPhone connected to the smart watch and it will be saved in the roll of the camera.

If you are trying to clean your iPhone from a Smart Watch screen by placing an application in a folder, place the folder in which you are working in the lower bar of the application. That way, the folder stays with you, regardless of your page. You no longer need to drag the folder from one page to another when you clean the application.

Double tap your iPhone to take photos faster, which can be assigned to the Smart Watch start button. A camera icon is displayed. Touch again to instantly access the camera. You can take photos using the volume button (up) on the phone or the headphone cable. Screen locks allow you to zoom.

It is a very good trick to use your iPhone to connect with smart headset clocks to facilitate your calls. The funnel really works like another button. If you use headphones and receive a call, simply press the button. This is how you can answer calls. If smart Watch click on the button, you can send calls to your mailbox.

Now you must have more confidence in being able to make the most of your iPhone to connect to smart watches. Knowing what to do with your iPhone, which can be combined with smart watches, can improve your daily life. With these techniques, your iPhone can be connected to a smart watch that can do more than you could have dreamed.

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